Hire me for SEO

If you don’t have a website yet, click here. This page is for businesses who want to squeeze every last drop of SEO juice out of their existing site. I’ll help you understand how you stack up against your competitors, what they’re doing and how you can top them.

No matter how good your product is, it’s nothing if your customers can’t find it. And high-quality search engine optimisation techniques – like the ones I use – help you get found. We’re not going to keyword stuff or get dirty backlinks. I’ll help you improve your rankings in an organic and foundational way.

Client Rankings + Highlights


Car Respray

One single peice of long-form content has seen over 22,000 visits since May 2018.

Client Rankings + Highlights


Japanese Knotweed Removal

SEO coupled with the client’s strong passion for killer content and PR has led to Search traffic growth of 140% since the start of the campaign.

Client Rankings + Highlights


Refrigerated Van Hire

The client has seen Search traffic growth of 75% and an almost 700% increase in conversions since the start of the campaign.

SEO audits

If you don’t know how you stack up, then you’re shooting in the dark. An SEO audit looks at your website’s SEO health, position and how you compare in the marketplace. From there, I can guide you to create a plan for real movement. And it also provides a benchmark to track where we’ve come from.

From £500.

Local SEO

Oftentimes it’s the local searches that have the most value. They have the means and the intent to engage with your small business or charity organisation. And that can make them a high-converting proposition. I’ll help you tap into the local search landscape and carve out your niche.

From £600/m

SEO campaigns

If you know where you want your business to be, I can help you get there. My efficient and affordable SEO campaigns will see you make real gains against your keyword strategy. Enjoy improved visibility and increased traffic as targeted efforts bring your website higher in the rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.

From £1,200/m

Keyword research

If you’ve not done any foundational work into where your website should be positioned in the market, now’s the time. Keyword research provides a compass of where to focus your content efforts to improve your rankings for important terms. It can help you avoid costly and saturated searches for better ROI. And it can help you align your brand for future market potential.

Mobile optimisation

The world is phone-first these days. So, if your website isn’t optimised for mobile, the search giants will ding your rankings. I can help you quickly plan and execute the improvements you need to make to your website to comply with their standards. A mobile-first website also increases conversions from smartphone visitors through a better user experience.

What clients say about me.

White’s Bodyworks

Seb is a true expert in digital marketing. The service he offers is totally outstanding, top quality work at all times. Knowing that Seb has full control of our website and its digital marketing is probably the best thing that’s happened to us. This guy is a true professional, don’t use anyone else! If you need any reassurance contact me directly.


Sebdigital has been managing the SEO on our website for almost 3 years. Seb is diligent, proactive and works to demanding time-scales. Traffic to our website has grown with Seb’s help which has undoubtedly lead to a sustained boost in enquiries and sales.

Sussex Business Awards

Sebdigital took over our website a year ago and have done a fantastic job. Its wealth of experience and knowledge ensures that we receive the right advice and correct solution. We couldn’t recommend sebdigital enough!