We’ve met, I’m Seb. And this is a smart, simple website all about my SEO and web design services. I made it. If you’re here, you’re probably looking to grow your small business. And you know you need a web designer and SEO expert to do that.

I can help.

I’ve been supporting SMEs, charities and all sorts of e-commerce companies to get a clever, functional website up and running fast. And they stay with me for long-term support because I’m pretty easy to get along with too. I want you to understand how your website works and how we’re going to improve it for better results year after year. Plus, I’ll talk to you like a real human – not a robot – so you can become familiar with all the terms you need to be successful online like SEO, backlinks, uptime, responsiveness and more.

But who am I?

I’m an online tinkerer. A keyword juggler. I’ve been messing around with SEO and building websites for over a decade. I’ve got a natural desire to find out how things work and (while I probably could have been something more practical like an Engineer); I became fascinated with algorithms and code. My goal is to help you create a website that robots and people will love. This helps you get ranked and stay up top while getting conversions. And I think local SEO helps differentiate you too. So, I work with UK companies who I innately understand.

Is that it?

Well, work-wise yes. But I’m not a shut-in typing frantically in a basement type, though. I have an awesome wife and she’s blessed me with an adventurous young son. And we’re raising him together with a fun-loving border collie named Forrest. We all like being outside and doing outside things – when the British weather allows it. Which is a good juxtaposition for my generally desk-based job, I think.